When building new homes you need to make sure you comply with building regulations and also the technical standards set out by your warranty provider.

Most warranty providers use a stage inspection process to ensure these technical standards are being met by visiting th...

A British withdrawal from the EU, also known as a ‘Brexit’, is perhaps the biggest political issue of the entire decade.

As with every other industry in the UK, the construction industry has mixed views on the prospect of a Brexit. Will it help to tackle the skills shor...



The redesign of the Empire State Building envisions wood for both structural and architectural elements. If wood can reduce the weight of flooring systems while also reducing the embodied energy of the structure, it will offer a sustainability bonus. (Graphic is cour...

Self healing concrete hits the market this year, and it’s got some new tricks that building owners and contractors just might be ready to pay for.

Made to build buildings, pave roads and span bridges, concrete is one of the most commonly and widely used construction mat...

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To leave or not to leave - How will Brexit affect the construction industry?

April 22, 2016

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