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At City Building Services (NE) LTD we are committed to the development and progression of our employees and affiliates through educational courses and industry certification. Cultivating the next generation of talent is vital to our evolution. Instead of waiting for young people to learn the skills we want, we strive to provide those opportunities.


The key to our success stems from the expertise, diligence and professionalism of our people. City Building Services (NE) LTD strives to be an attractive potential employer and by investing heavily in recruitment, training and retention we are able to bring in the right people to keep expanding while still delivering the same standard of excellence.

Significant investment in training and development is a continuing priority to ensure employees are equipped with the correct knowledge and skills to exceed their potential and that we continue to attract the best individuals seeking a challenging career. 


We strongly believe in continuing professional development throughout an entire career, ensuring there are always new educational experiences available. Employers and institutions across industries are adopting a structured, practical and methodical approach to learning in order to retain key staff, promote professionalism and develop the skills and knowledge in the organisation to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage. All employees are expected to take personal responsibility for the maintenance of their own knowledge base and techniques, while we provide the means to develop and nurture these skills.


Apprenticeships form a large part of our formal training program with young workers given a chance to gain valuable experience and industry accreditation. Completed in conjunction with a recognized college course, these young workers benefit from valuable on-site experience and safety awareness while developing their technical knowledge in the classroom, working towards industry recognized certification. 


We employ a diverse range of people and abilities from apprentice to skilled worker to management with clear career progression and educational opportunities. Employees can choose to study alongside their business hours to work towards recognized industry qualifications and to gain valuable new skills. All employees also attend numerous health and safety courses to promote a conscious safety effort within the business. This training is provided inline with the City Building Services (NE) LTD health and safety policy.

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