Thermocork is a natural cork render for new build and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for homes, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Recommended by Kevin McCloud presenter of TV’s Grand Designs, it offers an eco-friendly and high performance alternative for plasterers and render companies. Cork is taken from the cork oak tree but no trees are felled. Instead the bark is stripped away and this releases oxygen into the air, which reduces carbon dioxide in the environment.

Thermocork is a type of spray render which uses natural ingredients to create a weather-proof coating for external and internal walls.

What sets this particular render apart from traditional products is its unique versatility and the creative freedom that it gives designers and architects.

  • Thermocork has a much longer lifespan than most other renders despite being made entirely from natural ingredients.

  • Thermocork can be used as a thermal insulator and also has audible insulation features that make it suitable for a number of environments and structures including commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Thermocork render is naturally more resilient to harsh weather conditions which is why it requires less maintenance than other popular options.

This is why many homeowners commercial property owners have begun to use it. Not only has Thermocork helped developers and property owners to save money, it has also provided a greener option for those conscious about the environment.

Potential Applications


External Render

Thermocork sprayed cork coating gives properties a low-maintenance and durable finish. Not only does it waterproof but it also improves thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.


Condensation &

Damp Elimination

Thermocork eliminates condensation by reducing thermal shock, acting as a thermal barrier. Thermocork adheres to any surface from metal to skimmed walls.


 Crack Repairs

CorkSol is the only company who give a 10 year guarantee over cracked render. Our long lasting solution adheres to any surface with no primer required and is a great solution for over-sprays.


Roofing & Conservatory

Thermocork provides a thermal waterproof layer to any pitched roof without adding the weight associated with traditional material. Its easy application allows for large areas to be coated quickly, externally, without impacting on the building’s occupants.


Thermal Wall Insulation

An ultra thin coating of Thermocork will help to achieve high insulation values. Skimming over the cork results in a smooth finish at less than 10mm thickness with no disturbance of existing windows, coving or skirting boards.


High Durability

Highly durable and flexible coating to prevent cracking (and reduce complaints).


Thermal Performance

Strong thermal insulator and reduces thermal bridges.


Super Adhesive

When it’s on, it stays on covering a range of surfaces, including steel.


Good Sound Insulation

Reduction in noise and vibrations by up to 12dB


Patch Repairs

Patch repairs possible (avoids costly or time-consuming whole-wall re-rendering).


Fire Resistant

(Euro-class B safety rating), water resistant and breathable (this helps prevent mould and damp, gives people a healthier living and working space).

Colour choices #1
Colour choices #1

Thermocork colour options

Colour choices #2
Colour choices #2

Thermocork colour options

Colour choices #1
Colour choices #1

Thermocork colour options